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Research Communication

Research Communication in the Study of Culture

Research is not research until it gets communicated, including a broader dialogue with society. This fact has become increasingly important in recent years and has been given various buzzwords such as "third misson", "third pillar" or "transfer" in the course of university-wide strategies. At JLU, this transfer and communication of research results to the general public also plays an important role in the university’s current “Entwicklungsplan 2030”, in addition to the more ‘traditional’ areas of research and teaching.


The GGK/GCSC incorporated the endeavour to communicate cultural studies research in its institutional DNA from the very beginning. Translating interdisciplinary perspectives and projects from The Study of Culture for the scientific community and an interested audience as well as continuously establishing dialogues with the society is an unmistakable part of the GCSC. This is reflected in a variety of activities and events by scholars from the GCSC over the years.


These include, for example, a series of events entitled "Werkstatt-Treffen Kulturwissenschaften" (04/2016), a symposium entitled "Modelle der öffentlichen Wissenschaftskommunikation" (11/2016), and the presentation of the research of GCSC Postdocs at the “Hessentag 2016”. Other projects from the centre’s doctoral candidates also included public film screenings, such as the events of "Movie Meets Museum" (12/2015), the exhibition "Making a Home in Giessen" (02/2017), readings (e.g. "Deathbook - Der Thriller 3.0" (06/2015) or the online platforms "Museumsschwätzer" (06/2016) and "Kleinstadtwildnis" (05/2014). With the series “Kurze Rede, langer Sinn | Short Talks, Big Questions” the GCSC and the UB Giessen presented a series of short talks during the summer term 2018. In addition, one group of GCSC doctoral candidates initiated the podcast series "Walk&Talk" (2020) and another one engaged other scholars and activists in dialogue with the virtual event "Building Bridges" (03/2021). 


The activities in the field of research communication have been supported financially and organisationally by the GCSC on the one hand as well as didactically by the GCSC Teaching Centre on the other hand.

Your participation

You would like to become active yourself and present your own research or the research of your Research Area, Emerging Topic Research Group or Working Group (AG) to the public, (co-)organise an event or participate in the overarching transfer of the centre?

If so, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Jens Kugele for GCSC support services regading event planning () or Jennifer Kappe for Public Relations, Science Communication & Social Media ().

We also welcome any suggestions or comments you may have!