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Combining Career & Family


The GCSC recognises these challenges and supports PhD researchers who are or become parents during their membership. Our "Combining Career & Family" programme aims to create a child-friendly atmosphere and supportive surroundings to enable the fruitful combination of scholarship and parenthood.

On the following pages we will not only introduce you to our programme, but also provide you with helpful information on obtaining a doctorate while raising a family.

Parents-to-be and researchers planning a family can now find important information on maternity protection, parental leave, parental allowance and more in a bilingual "Checklist" published by the JLU's "Büro für Chancengleichheit" here.




  • An overview of this semester's programme of the network "Studieren mit Kind" can be found here.
  • For an overview of upcoming flea markets for kids in the area, please check the 'Flohmarktkalender' that you can download here.
  • A nice read (in German): "Studieren und Forschen mit Kind" (studying and doing research being a parent) by Annette C. Cremer. Students at JLU have free access here.
  • current events: 

    Thursday, 22.06.2023, 14.00-17.00, Alte Universitätsbibliothek, Bismarckstraße 37, 35390 Gießen




    Thema: "Coffee, Cake & Consultation"


    The working group „Career and Family” invites all researchers with children to an afternoon of exchange and information. Drop by at any time during the afternoon to get to know other parents as well as staff responsible for combining career and family programmes across the university and beyond. Representatives of different support providers such as the Equal Opportunities Office or Giessen’s Office for Parental Allowance will be available to answer your questions. Coffee, cake, and childcare will be provided!


    If possible, please register in advance to help us gauge participant numbers for childcare and food provision: Registration — Giessen Graduate Centre for the Life Sciences (GGL) (

    Ansprechperson: Lena Nüchter 

You can contact with questions.