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Software/Tech Costs


If you need technical equipment, please get in touch - you might be able to borrow it from the GCSC.
For example, we can help out with voice recorders for interviewing and you can reserve rooms with full video and audio equipment for online/hybrid defenses or conferences, or for online teaching.

Doctoral researchers can receive financial support for costs incurred for software or programmes that enable or facilitate the collection and analysis of data for their dissertation projects. These include software:
  • for the implementation of research designs (please note that at the moment (03/23) we are unable to reimburse you for the cost of video conference tools, as under the current data protection regulations at JLU only Big Blue Button may be used for research purposes and the acquisition of alternative tools is not possible)
  • for processing collected data (e. g. transcription helper software)
  • for analysis of qualitative or quantitative data (e. g. SPSS, MAXQDA).

You may claim costs for software that is available via the HRZ as well as other software. Please check whether you can buy the respective programme at reduced price via the HRZ.

The GCSC can refund you for software costs of up to 100 €/year.

All GCSC members who do not receive a GCSC scholarship can apply for the refund. GCSC scholarship holders can use the “monatliche Sachmittelzulage” which they receive as part of their scholarship.


Please note that as GCSC and IPP members, you have access to shared working spaces in the GGK/GCSC building. On some of the desks, you will find desktop computers equipped with standard office software. The instructions on how to access the computers, as well as more information about software for JLU members can be found in the Internal Member Area (login with G-Kennung and regular password).


To apply, please submit:

  • a statement of relevance which explains the necessity / benefit of the software product for your dissertation project
  • the invoice(s)
  • if necessary, information on the duration of the software license, should you want to submit costs for more than one year

Contact: Team Graduate Studies,