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Teaching Centre

Teaching skills and experience are not only an important precondition for an academic career but are also valuable key skills for almost all areas of work and life. The Teaching Centre provides doctoral and postdoctoral researchers of the GCSC and GGK with in-depth training in teaching the study of culture and supports them in their first higher-education teaching experiences.
Starting Teaching
The Teaching Centre supports you in your first teaching experiences through the co-teaching program or in the organization of a workshop series. The reflection of your experiences and approaches is encouraged through individual portfolio work.
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Courses and Events
Our program of events for the introduction and further qualification supports doctoral students in the professionalization of their didactic practice.
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Teaching Ideas
Here you will find seminar ideas and concepts developed and tested by GCSC/GGK PhD students and postdocs at JLU. Be inspired by how teachers bring their cultural studies questions into undergraduate teaching, promote research-oriented learning and teaching, and try out different forms of student participation and collaboration.
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Otto-Behaghel-Straße 12
35394 Gießen
Phone: +49 641 / 99-30 027
Fax: +49 641 / 99-30 049

E-Mail: Teaching.Centre



Photo Claudia Hattendorff

Prof. Dr. Claudia Hattendorff

Head of the Teaching Centre /


phone: +49 641 / 99-30 023
Karl-Glöckner-Straße 21 H (Raum 6)

Cara Illert

Teaching Centre Coordinator  /


phone: +49 641 / 99-300 27
room 104

Hannah Mansour

Student Assistant Teaching Centre /


phone: +49 641 / 99-30 045
room 15-17

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