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Teaching Portfolio

The teaching portfolio should allow you to self-evaluate your experiences in the classroom and your developing didactic competence, and it should also document your teaching profile.

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In your GCSC teaching portfolio, you will collect all proofs of teaching activities, credentials and certificates from higher education teacher training and further education, as well as a subjective component consisting of your reflections on your own teaching principles and what you wish to see in education. In your applications here and beyond the purview of the university – on the job market, for instance – the portfolio will serve as proof of your rigorous qualifications in all areas of teaching and imparting knowledge.

The tradition, begun in the Anglo-American diaspora, of providing documentation of pedagogical qualifications when applying for employment, is now increasingly common in Germany. The quality of your teaching portfolio will be ensured by a final certification from the Teaching Centre itself.

Do you have questions about the GCSC teaching portfolios? Drop us a line: ! You'll also find select literature on putting together a teaching portfolio under the category for documentation of teacher competency/teaching portfolios in our tertiary teaching-training bibliography.

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Example: René Dietrich's Teaching Portfolio