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Giessen Graduate Center for Natural Sciences and Psychology


GGN. Soft skills and solid knowledge.

GGN. Soft skills and solid knowledge.

The Giessen Graduate Center for Natural Sciences and Psychology is an interdisciplinary institution addressing the needs of all doctoral students in the fields of mathematics, informatics, physics, geography, biology, chemistry, psychology, and sports sciences at Justus Liebig University.


The GGN serves as the greenhouse for the personal and professional growth of young scientists.


  • We offer a wide range of high-quality workshops and training sessions to provide expertise and develop competencies.
  • We organize social and networking events where our members can benefit from the experience and exchange with peers and professionals.
  • We advocate for an inclusive environment and equitable support.


Whether it’s for academic careers or for careers outside of academia, the GGN supports young scientists to excel.




Upcoming Events
(R-) Crash Course on Nonparametric/Distribution-free Statistical Methods
The course is designed to be a mix of theoretical reviews and practical work on examples for selected data sets using the open-source statistics software R.
GGN meets Planetary Thinking: Prof. Nicola Di Cosmo, PhD
The Henry Luce Foundation Professor of East Asian Studies at the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton, USA) will talk about the historical method and paleoclimate research in the time of the Anthropocene.
Workshop: Versionsverwaltung mit Git + GitLab
Einführung in die Versionsverwaltung und die Grundlagen für eine effiziente Arbeit mit Git und GitLab
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NEW: Travel funding for members of the GGN
Members of the GGN can apply for travel grants to finance a trip to a scientific event.
Dr.-Herbert-Stolzenberg-Award for outstanding achievements in the natural sciences
The GGN awards three early career researchers in the natural sciences
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