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The curriculum of the GGS training programme is geared to both the professional and the further extracurricular skills of doctoral students and postdocs.

The multifaceted programme is offered each semester. It comprises of courses dealing with the following topics:

  • methods of scientific research in social sciences, economics and law
  • write, publish and manage projects
  • acquisition of third-party funds
  • self competence & soft skills
  • working in and leading teams
  • didactics
  • career management


Target Group

GGS courses are first and foremost aimed at GGS members. Graduate students and postdocs who are not members of the GGS may also take part in the courses if there are open places available.


Aims and Curriculum

The curriculum is meant to support doctoral students and postdocs in their respective phase of scientific development, as well as to prepare them for further research and/or jobs in challenging positions.

To this end, the curriculum of the GGS‘ (further) training programme is designed to help doctoral students and postdocs to acquire both professional and further skills.

The curriculum geared to the acquisition of professional skills serves to accumulate discipline-specific as well as transdisciplinary method-specific knowledge; the courses dealing with further (non-discipline) skills are to support the ability to deal competently with professional knowledge.