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Guidelines for the Application for Funding by the GGS

  1. Criteria for the eligibility for funding of projects:
  • The projects have to fit the research profile of the GGS. Projects which contribute to the conceptual development of the GGS research profile are especially eligible for funding.
  • In the case of applications for financial support for conferences and congresses, special attention has to be paid to the fact that the event in question needs to match at least one of the sections.
  • Financial support for events can only be granted if their venue is in Giessen.
  • The GGS only supports events for which scientists working on their doctorate are acting as either consultants or participants (*), as organizers or initiators (**) or as both participants/consultants and organizers/initiators (***). Furthermore, the events need to contribute in a definitive and verifiable way to the (further) training of the doctoral students in question. Events with a noticeable strong involvement of the doctoral students (***>**>*) are favoured, as are those which have an interdisciplinary character and/or contribute to the national or international networking of doctoral students.
  • Funding is approved for projects of excellence – especially for programmes and groups which have already and verifiably done excellent work and are actively committed to the GGS.
  • The projects should be interdisciplinarily compatible and should, if possible, be planned and executed in ways that include a variety of GGS sections.
  • If possible, projects should have an international dimension (e.g. international consultants and/or cooperation partners).
  • Projects should contribute to the public image and the external – national and international – visibility of the GGS.

2. The applications need to name at least one responsible project leader as well as one deputy project leader. Furthermore, they need to include details regarding the amount of funds applied for, as well as a project description from which it is apparent to which extent the project is oriented towards the aims and activities of the GGS. In order to apply, please use the relevant application form.

3. Applications may be handed in at all times, but at least three months prior to the beginning of the planned event. They need to be in writing and are to be addressed to the managing director of the GGS. The GGS‘ executive board decides to which extent the applications are relevant with regards to the GGS‘ aims and also judges on the scientific quality of the projects. Based on the results, it decides on the applications‘ eligibility for funding.

4. Only costs actually accrued which, in advance, have been approved in writing, will be refunded. All costs need to be documented.

5. Remuneration of costs is only made ex post.