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Media, Science and Technology

Mission Statement

The use of media (technologies) in the contemporary world is part of everyday life and permeates social interaction. This mediatization of society leads to structural changes in the social: relationships between people have been transformed by digital media such as social networks, and at the same time media open up new forms of the public sphere. The ongoing embedding of digital media technologies in everyday social life thus offers new possibilities for social communication, interaction and reality construction. Scientific practice is not unaffected by this: The communication of (scientific) knowledge on websites and within social networks enables access to knowledge for a broad public on the one hand, while on the other hand these platforms reveal the inherent fragility and conflictivity of knowledge and offer alternative forms of knowledge.

The section „Media, Science and Technology“ (until 2020 „Medialization of Societies“) brings together PhD candidates and researchers with an interdisciplinary interest in the interrelationships between media, digital infrastructures and technologies, and knowledge / science studies.