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Master's Degree Program

In the winter term 2007/2008, the GiZo introduced the Master’s Program, ‘Interdisciplinary Studies on Eastern Europe’. This program is notable for its interdisciplinary and international orientation, and for its encouragement of applied research. In 2022 GiZo expanded the program to include an English Track.

The program of study consists of:

  • 120 credit points accumulated over two academic years
  • a Major in either Slavic Studies or the History of Eastern Europe
  • a Minor in two of the following subjects: Slavic Studies, Turkic Studies, the History of Eastern Europe, Law, Political Studies or Economics
  • an interdisciplinary Master’s thesis in the Major subject

The Master’s Program is characterized by:

  • An early acquaintance with interdisciplinary research on Eastern Europe, from the start of the program
  • Career-oriented and practical training through projects and internships
  • Research and teaching covering all the regions of Eastern Europe
  • The combination of Eastern European Studies with Turkic Studies, and the discussion of the place of the Turkic regions in Europe
  • A broad historical focus in teaching on Eastern Europe, from the Middle Ages to the present day


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