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August 2022

Dolphins' beauty secrets

A mother dolphin teaches her calf to rub against certain biofunctional corals. (Photo: Angela Ziltener)

Read more about it in the latest paper of the Food Sciences Group (Prof. Gertrud Morlock) 

and also in brief on >300 webpages.

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Galileo TV, 31.05.2022, ca. 19:45

Hessischer Rundfunk, hr-Fernsehen, Hallo Hessen, 19.07.2022, Part 1 ca. 16:30 (32-40 min) and Part 2 ca. 17:30 (38-46 min) 

BBC broadcast, 02.06.2022 (interview starts at 22:20 min)

Swiss radio SFR or here (interview starts at 6 min)

Austrian radio ORF, 3 min


For more information:
Prof. Dr. Gertrud Morlock, Food Science