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December 2020

Galium album still flowering mid November close to a heating device of UKL Linden

(Photo: Gerald Moser)

Climate change has a major effect on flowering onset of both wild and crop plant species. The Giessen Free Air CO2 Enrichment Facility (FACE) at UKL Linden simulates the future development of grass ecosystems subject to climate change.

Early-flowering plant species grown at elevated CO2 concentrations start flowering 2 to 4 days earlier than control; under conditions of both elevated CO2 and temperature,  onset of flowering starts about a week earlier.

In autumn, changes are less prominent - then soil moisture becomes a major factor. As in 2018, when single apple trees had entered a sort of dormant phase due to extreme drought and after the first autumn rains suddenly revitalized, growing new shoots and flowers while apples were ripening on the same trees at the same time. 

For more information:
Dr. Gerald Moser, Prof. Christoph Müller PhD, Plant Ecology