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February 2022

Lore Steubing, a pioneer in plant ecology, was the first female professor at Justus Liebig University. The university honors her 100th birthday with a ceremony and a traveling exhibition.


Prof. Lore Steubing on excursion in Chile (Photo: Plant Ecology, JLU)

For Prof. Lore Steubing, it was of central importance to see questions of plant ecology and agroecology and their effects on living conditions holistically. She recognized early on that interdisciplinary approaches and international cooperation are prerequisites for successful research into global ecological issues. In order to better network ecological research in Germany and to make it more visible, the "Gesellschaft für Ökologie" (GFÖ) was founded in Gießen in 1972 on her initiative and she was the founding president. Today the GFÖ is one of the largest ecological societies in Europe.

In addition, she has also advocated international research cooperation, carried out numerous excursions to numerous countries and successfully set up research networks, e.g. established with Chile, China, Colombia, Hungary and the Central African Republic. In recognition of her lifetime scientific achievements, she was awarded the "German Environmental Protection Prize" in 1982.

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