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June 2022

New Freshwater Clam Species Discovered in Ethiopia

Shell shape drawings of (A) P. boessnecki sp. nov. holotype from a small stream East of Wushwush (ET03/19; UGSB25744), length/height/width (mm): 2.03/1.72/1.06; (B) P. boessnecki sp. nov. paratype from the Adiyo River (ET02/2, UGSB 16736): 2.53/2.03/1.09; (C) P. armillatum interior shell side – Rongai River near Lake Naivasha, Kenya; shell outside - Mt. Kenya tributary of the Muthero River (modified from Kuiper, 1966); (D) Pisidium ovampicum interior shell side - Madagascar, Antananarivo; shell outside – Mt Kenya, Upper Kamitarn (modified from Kuiper, 1966). Scale bars = 0.5 mm.

Catharina Clewing, Thies Geertz, Hanane Rassam, Tamirat Hailegebriel Woldekiros & Christian Albrecht (2022) Freshwater diversity at a biogeographic edge zone: the high-mountain pea-clams of Ethiopia, Systematics and Biodiversity, 20:1, 1-15, DOI: 10.1080/14772000.2021.2005706

For more information:
Dr. Catharina Clewing, Prof. Dr. Christian Albrecht, Systematics and Biodiversity