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March 2019

Histological liver sections of rats fed with insect protein

Oil Red O–stained liver sections of lean rats fed casein (LC), obese rats fed casein (OC), obese rats fed 50% casein and 50% insect meal (OI50), and obese rats fed 100% insect meal (OI100)

Short summary of a recently finalized study: Insect meal is beneficial for nutritional physiology of obese rats.

Denise K Gessner, Anne Schwarz, Sandra Meyer, Gaiping Wen, Erika Most, Holger Zorn, Robert Ringseis, Klaus Eder; Insect Meal as Alternative Protein Source Exerts Pronounced Lipid-Lowering Effects in Hyperlipidemic Obese Zucker Rats, The Journal of Nutrition, , nxy256,

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Prof. Dr. Klaus Eder, Animal Nutrition