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November 2019

50 years of Plant Ecology at Giessen

Experimental plant ecology in the past and today: first gas incubation experiments at Giessen (left) and today’s FACE facility at Linden-Leihgestern (Photo: Photo Archive, Institute of Plant Ecology)

The Institute of Plant Ecology was established in 1969 by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Lore Steubing, one of the pioneers of modern plant ecology in Germany and one of the first female professors at Giessen University. Prof. Steubing was director of the Plant Ecology Institute from 1969 until 1988.

Since it’s beginnings, the Institute of Plant Ecology has met the challenges to study the effects of environmental change on plant health and productivity. The current focus is climate change research.

For more information:
Prof. Christoph Müller PhD, Plant Ecology