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Model of microbial processes in C-, N-, and S-cycles in soil of the Giessen FACE system

Our research showed for the first time how elevated atmospheric CO2 (CO2) simultaneously affects the gene expression in C, N, and S cycles, and potentially affects these processes at the ecosystem scale. The lower abundance of nitrogen fixation transcripts suggests that soil microorganisms degrade the soil organic matter (SOM) to fulfill their N requirements due to a higher C supply. Likewise, an increase in transcripts for carbohydrates, amino acids, chitin, lignin, and cellulose assimilation and degradation was observed. In addition, the changes in the transcript abundance of the DNRA and denitrification shed some light on the underlying mechanisms that lead to the increase of N2O emissions previously reported in the Giessen-FACE.

David Rosado-Porto, Stefan Ratering, Gerald Moser, Marianna Deppe, Christoph Müller, and Sylvia Schnell (2022) Soil metatranscriptome demonstrates a shift in C, N, and S metabolisms of a grassland ecosystem in response to elevated atmospheric CO2. Frontiers in Microbiology 13: 937021

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