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JLU (Student) ID Card

JLU's multifunctional student ID card not only has its externally visible features like your name and photo on it, it also includes internal features like an electronic purse or a personal digital certificate. It is issued to all students of JLU as a multifunctional electronic student ID card.


ID Card for JLU Staff

Further information on JLU staff ID cards can be found on the web pages of Department B of JLU's main administration.

JLU Student ID Card

Please note:
During the first days of the Hessen Flower Show in Giessen a paper sticker with a barcode was attached to the backside of student ID cards. If this was the case with your student ID card, please remove the sticker as soon as possible. Otherwise the sticker might detach and as a result damage devices for printers, copy machines, and printers for the semester ticket.
You will still be able to visit the Giessen Flower Show!

Further information...

All students of JLU get a multifunctional ID card as a proof of their status as students of JLU.