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Electronic Purse

There are two electronic purses on your student ID card: one for paying for services of the Studentenwerk (e.g. student restaurants) and one for paying for follow-me-printing.

The follow-me-printing function is described in more detail on these pages. The following information concerns the payment function for services of the Studentenwerk (student restaurants, etc.) only.

1. Introduction

The JLU ID card contains an electronic purse. It can be used for cashless payment of small sums for servcies of the Studentenwerk. JLU Giessen is responsible for the distribution and renewal of the ID card, the Studentenwerk is responsible for the account connected with the electronic purse and the respective payments. 

This fast and safe payment method is made possible by the integrated mifare-chip. You only have to hold the card near a card reader, there is no use to connect it to or to insert it into a card reader (place your purse with your student ID card on a card reader when paying for your lunch - a distance of 10 cm between reader and ID card is ok). 

Before you can use the electronic purse you have to initialise/format it. This is necessary for all new ID cards. Please insert your card in the mashine (available at student restaurants, etc.). The electronic purse is inititalised and the amount set to € 0,00. Put your card on the (re)charging mashine and insert the respective amount of money. 

The payments are made anonymously. This means that the computer system only uses the serial number of your card for payments. It does not know your name or identity number. 

Everybody can use the JLU ID card for payments without further identification. In order to reduce the risk of misuse, you can only charge the card up to an amount of € 100. Neither the university nor the Studentenwerk are liable for amounts on your electronic purse. 

2. How to pay

Hold the ID card near a card reader (max. distance: 10 cm). The amount available on the card is shown and can be deducted by personnel.

Beverage vending mashines work the same way. They deduce the respective amount automatically.

3. Recharging your card

aufwerter.jpgRecharge your card at recharging machines (available at student restaurants, etc.). You can use  5, 10, 20 oder 50 € notes.

4. What happens if I lose my ID card?

As the card is not provided with a password to allow an ease usage of the electronic purse, a finder of your lost ID card could use it for payments at student restaurants. You electronic purse cannot be locked (although the crypto-chip can be locked this does not apply to the electronic purse). However, a thief will have no real motivation to steal your card as it can only be used on the premises of the Studentenwerk and on the university campus. 

If you lock your entire ID card, you can get the remaining sum of your ID card back. For this you will have to

  • produce your ID card or
  • get a certificate of the Studentensekretariat (Students Office) including the serial number of the mifare-chip of your (possibly stolen) ID card
  • the Studententwerk will then pay out the remaining amount on the (lost or locked) ID card.

Of course, this means that the Studentenwerk gets to know the real owner of the ID card and connects this information with the account. If you do not want this to happen, you will not be able to get your money back.

5. Errors

If an error occurs which is a result of a technical malfunction, the system will usually automatically lock so that no further use of the payment function is possible.

If the mifare-chip is still working, the Studentenwerk can read the serial number of the chip and check the account. If a technical malfunction can be assumed, the Studentenwerk will pay out the amount which can be assumed as definite. A further use of the card as an electronic purse is not possible. You will have to apply for a new student ID card.

If the electronic purse does not work anymore because the chip has a malfunction, the card has undergone heavy wear and tear or the card has been lost, the account number cannot be deduced any more. In this case you can ask the Studierendensekretariat for a certificate of your mifare-serial number. With this number the Studentenwerk can deduce your account number. Any remaining amount will be paid out. 

6. Paying out the remaining amount in cash

The Studentenwerk can only pay out any remaining amounts of 5 € and above in cash at the end of the use of the ID card (exmatriculation). Once the remaining amount has been paid out, the electronic purse will be locked and cannot be used any more. The Studierendensekretariat cannot pay out any remaining amounts when you hand in your card.