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Electronic Signature/Certificate

A main feature of your JLU student ID card is the electronic signature with the crypto chip.

Use your JLU student ID card for

  • en-/decoding as well as signing of information
  • authentification in a data network / the internet

How to use the ID card in connection with emails is described on the pages "E-Mail signieren und verschlüsseln".

For the authentification on the internet with your electronic signature the webserver and web browser exchange data. The web browser contains code which corresponds with the chip card reader. To make your electronic signature safe, we have to make sure that the chip card is produced according to a strictly regulated procedure. We have to make sure, for example, that chip card and PIN are handed out only to the correct person. The whole procedure is called "Public Key Infrastructure".

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

This includes:

  • an asymmetric key encryption scheme
  • issuing only to the correct person
  • issue and renewal of key certificates
  • making the certificate information available
  • a black list
  • making the work policy public

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