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Learn how to register for seminars and exams with your JLU student ID card. Both the FlexNow and the SPIC systems are described in detail.

Register with the examination management system FlexNow

Most faculties of JLU use the examination management system FlexNow. Registration for examinations and learning about the results of exams is only possible via FlexNow.

Access FlexNow electronically with your student ID card and a PC with a chip card reader and the respective software. Students can buy a chip card reader (KOBIL, including the necessary software) for their own PC at the IT Service Centre (service desk, room 62). This enables online access to FlexNow.

Students only have to authenticate themselves when entering FlexNow.

FlexNow manages the exam results by using the unambiguous matriculation number of the student. The data stored on the ID card is internally assigned to the matriculation number. This is the reason why a new ID card cannot immediately be used for FlexNow. After a couple of days full access to FlexNow is possible.

As students do not always have access to a PC with an integrated chip card reader, they can use the last 7 digits of their ID card number as a user ID and choose their own password for access to FlexNow. Setting or changing the password is only possible with the student ID card and its PIN!

Access to FlexNow 

Click on "Bereich Chipkarte -> Login". 


Using SPIC at Faculty 02

Faculty 02 uses SPIC for the support of classes. All visitors of the web pages can register with a user ID and password of their choice and a valid email address. Authentification for JLU users (for full access) is possible in combination with the ID card. 

If you use the IT Service Center access data (your "s-Kennung" plus password) as SPIC user name and password you do not have to memorize further access data. Also use your JLU email address: you won't have to remember to update your personal data in case you change your email address or email provider. If you always enter your JLU email address, you will only have to update your new email address in JLU's electronic database x.500/LDAP.