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"Semesterticket" - Student ID Card as Ticket for Public Transport

RMV-Imprint on your student ID card

RMV-NVV-GebietYou can use your student ID card as a ticket for public transport ("Semesterticket"), e.g. for travel within the boundaries of the Rhine-Main-Transport-System (RMV, see map on the right). RMV covers nearly the whole area of the Federal State of Hessen. You can use local trains, trams, buses, the underground, etc. Remember that you will have to pay an extra charge if you use the fast long-distance IC and ICE trains of Deutsche Bahn. The ticket consists of the rewritable white stripe on the front of the ID card which shows the RMV-logo as well as the expiration date.

To renew your Semesterticket you have to insert your ID card into a special printer.

You can find such printers at the Registrar's/Students Office in Goethestr. 58 (Studierendensekretariat).

You have to update the imprint after each re-matriculation.

Refund of the fees for the Semesterticket

Under certain conditions you can ask for a refund of the fees for the Semesterticket at the Student's Union (AStA). This will make the Semesterticket invalid. Since the whole idea of the Semesterticket consists in reduced prices for public transport for students by means of an agreement between the Student's Union, Deutsche Bahn, RMV, and others, it is usually not possible to not participate in the mobility scheme as a student of JLU. However, in special cases exceptions can be made. Please keep in mind that there is a deadline. If your request for a refund has been successful, you will have to do the following:

  1. The Student's Union (AStA) will initiate an entry in the database.
  2. You insert the ID card into the special printer at the Studierendensekretariat in Goethestr. 58. The RMV-imprint will be deleted.
  3. Show your student ID card without RMV-imprint to the Student's Union. They will transfer the money into your bank account.

The ticket will be invalid until the end of the semester.