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Error: What does the error message mean (e.g. error 1001, 1002,...) ?

These errors are called WebRTC errors. These errors can have different causes.


Error 1001: WebSocket disconnected / WebSocket connection disconnected - The WebSocket connection could initially be established, but then lost the connection. The reason for this may be that the Internet connection is unstable or has been lost completely. Therefore, check your internet connection or use a LAN cable.

Error 1002: Could not make a WebSocket connection - In this case, a bidirectional WebSocket connection could not be established initially. This is usually a problem with the network/internet connection and the corresponding configuration of a (personal) firewall. This is what you can do:

1. Turn off ad blockers and content filters in your browser.
2. Disable any VPN connections and try again.
3. Check your firewall settings on the PC/laptop. This must not block the following ports: TCP/IP ports 80/443 (for HTTP/HTTPS) and UDP ports in the range 16384 - 32768 (Further information).
4. If the problem exists on a workstation computer in the JLU network, contact the Helpdesk of the HRZ. As a workaround, you can also connect your laptop or tablet to the "eduroam" WLAN networks - if reception is good enough - and test whether it works better via WLAN.
5. If the problem is on your private internet connection: If the problem on your devices only occurs via LAN/WLAN, but not via mobile radio (e.g. on your smartphone or on your PC/laptop via the smartphone hotspot), there may be a problem with your network configuration. In some cases, it helps to reset the router to factory settings.
6. If the problem persists, please carry out the following tests:
   - (WebRCT test: camera, microphone, internet, ports, etc.).
   - (network connectivity and speed test).
Please take screenshots of the results of both tests and send them by . Please include your user ID and a specific description of the problem as well as the following information:
  (a) Physical network connection (e.g. Ethernet, WLAN, DSL, cable connection, LTE),
  (b) Virtual network connection (e.g. VPN yes/no),
  (c) Operating system (e.g. Windows 10, Ubuntu 18.04, Debian 10, OS X, Android 8),
  (d) web browser (e.g. Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari), and (e) your telephone number where we can reach you. 


Error 1003: / Browser version is not supported - The browser you are using is too old. Please update the browser or switch to a current version of Chrome or FireFox.


Error 1007: ICE negotiation failed - The browser and BBB have attempted to negotiate the ports to be used for the video conference and this negotiation has failed. Possible causes:
- NAT is blocking the connection
- The firewall is blocking the UDP connection/ports.
Problem solution: See error 1002


Error 1020: Media cloud not reach the server / Camera/screen sharing failed - The error occurs when you try to share your webcam or screen in BigBlueButton. The error states that your browser could not establish a video connection to the conference. This is what you can do:

- Current information for users of Apple devices: If you use an Apple device (Mac / iPad / iPhone / ...), please update your device to the latest version. Apple has installed a bug in all iOS versions up to 14.2, or on Mac OS in Safari up to version 14.0.1, which prevents a video connection (webcam / screenshare) from being established. As a result, you will see error 1020. As of iOS version 14.3 or Safari version 14.0.2, this error has been fixed. This is how you carry out an update: Open the Settings app and go to "General" on the left and then "Software update" on the right.
Due to this Apple error, it is possible that even updated devices still have the wrong settings saved. This means that even current devices do not seem to work. However, this can be easily remedied:

a) Please restart your device and see if this helps.
b) Otherwise, please delete your saved website data. This can be done as follows: Open Settings, select Safari on the left, then scroll down to "Clear history and website data" on the right. Please note, however, that this will delete website data such as passwords stored on your device. You may have to enter them again.

- Update your browser
It sounds trivial, but we observe that new browsers behave much more stable when connecting than older versions. One example of many is Google Chrome, in which older versions seem to have problems when internet connections provide IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time (DualStack operation). This is now the case with more and more internet connections.
- Try to connect to the videoconference server via another internet access. If in doubt, you can try to provide a hotspot with your mobile phone and use it to connect your PC to the Internet.
- If changing the Internet connection does not work, try a different browser. Chrome or Firefox in their latest versions are ideal for BigBlueButton.