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"Exhibiting photographs and memory images of labor migration", Guest lecture by Dr. Ela Kaçel, 9 Febuary 2022

Exhibiting photographs and memory images of labor migration


Dengin Kocatürk, DOMiD-Archiv, Köln

Guest lecture: Wednesday, 9 Febuary 2022, 4-6 PM
Exhibiting photographs and memory images of labor migration // Dr. Ela Kaçel

"Vor Ort: Fotogeschichten zur Migration, presented at Museum Ludwig, Cologne (June 19 – October 3, 2021) has offered a new focus on the private photographs and their stories narrated by their makers and protagonists. Depending on the choice of setting and framing in public places of Cologne and other cities in the Rhineland, a series of visual narratives emerged from 1955 to 1989 among labor migrants who passionately photographed themselves, their families, and their living environments. Yet those narratives rather remained unknown and underrepresented in the postwar history of cities, even though the chosen sites were essential for the personal as well as collective memories, as such amateur photography also documented the urban and social transformations in cities."

Dr. Ela Kaçel is an architectural historian and co-curator of the exhibition "In Situ: Photo Stories on Migration," which features photos of so-called 'guest' workers of Cologne and other cities in the Rhineland. "In Situ" covers the period between 1955 and 1989 after the labor recruitment agreements between West Germany and mainly Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Turkey. More information about Dr. Kaçel's work can be found here.

The lecture is part of the weekly seminar "Images of Migration", which covers the topics of flight, migration, human rights and critical media studies.

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(January 21, 2022, Tillmann Schorstein)