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Sexwork: Lecture and Performance

"Sexwork: Poetic Fragments" Lecture and Performance on June 13 2022


Lecture and Performance

June 13, 2022, 10-12 pm, Phil I, Hörsaal A 2

Andrea Zittlau und Katharina Schlegel



In 2020, when, due to the pandemic, sexwork – like many other businesses – was shut down momentarily, some sexworkers took their chance to learn German and I gladly taught them. As the encounters grew more private and intense, I turned our conversations into poetry; fragmented glimpses into the lives of women in the sexwork business. The poetic performance of one of their voices will frame this lecture. The lecture contextualizes the poetry project within the theory framework of gender and sexuality guided by the work of Gayle Rubin, Annamarie Jagose and Susanna Paarsonen.

Katharina Schlegel is a dancer, choreographer and drama teacher currently at the theater Plauen-Zwickau.

Andrea Zittlau teaches American Studies at the University of Rostock. Her community outreach projects involve poetry and performance art and tackle topics such as incarceration and sexwork. 

This lecture and performance is part of Greta Olson`s lecture series “Gender, Sexuality, Diversity – History, Theory, Applications” during the summer term 2022 at JLU.


(Tillmann Schorstein, June 8 2022)