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Selected Activities

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  • Numerous compositions for ensembles: Red Run (1987), Befreiung (1989), Herakles 2 (1991), La Jalousie (1992), Song of Wars I have seen (2007)
  • Compositions for big orchestras: Surrogate Cities (1994), Industry and Idleness (1996); Walden (1998), Aus einem Tagebuch (2003)
  • Music theatre productions: Black on White (1996, with Ensemble Modern) Max Black (1998, theatre vidy) Eislermaterial (1998, with Ensemble Modern), Hashirigaki (2000 - theatre vidy), Landscape with distant relatives (2002 with Ensemble Modern (2004), Eraritjaritjaka (2004 theatre vidy), Stifters Dinge (2007, theatre vidy), I went to the House but did not enter (2008 with the Hilliard Ensemble) and many others
  • Audio plays (most of them based on the writing of Heiner Müller): Verkommenes Ufer (Waste Shore), Die Befreiung des Prometheus (The liberation of Prometheus), Wolokolamsker Chaussee I-V (Volokolamsk Highway), Schliemanns Radio, Der Horatier/Roman Dogs/Chiens Romains and others