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"Panel on Planetary Thinking"

JLU project "Panel on Planetary Thinking" with the Ludwig Börne professorship, contact: Dr. Frederic Hanusch.



The project "DigiDaFZ: Didactics and Methodology of Teaching German as a Foreign/Second Language Digitally" of the Hessen State Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts (HMWK) with the Otto Behaghel professorship within the scope of the funding initiative "Digital gestütztes Lehren und Lernen in Hessen (digLL)" (Digitally Supported Teaching and Learning in Hessen), contact: Dr. Tamara Zeyer.

Digitaler Habitus

This project, funded by the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung, explores the application of the "habitus" concept from Pierre Bourdieu on the changes in literary practices and education that digitalisation processes cause. For the website of the conference that spawned the project, see: Digitaler Habitus.

Gender-inclusive language in academic schoolbooks in Germany and France

This German-French project is funded by the Research Campus of Central Hessen and analyses the use of gender-inclusive language in academic schoolbooks, the relevant legal and institutional regulations, and the social discourse about gender-related questions in academic contexts. This interdisciplinary project is a collaboration with the University Marburg, with academics of the University Paris 13  Sorbonne Paris Cité and Paris Est Créteil, as well as the Georg-Eckert-Institut Leibniz-Institut of international schoolbook research. It inquires, in a country case-comparative way, if gender-inclusive language is thematised and used in schoolbooks and if so, in which ways. It additionally deals with social contentions about gender science in schools, as well as different mechanisms of the formulations of curricula and teaching material. The goal is to complete a mutual research application in the DFG/ANR funding program for German-French research projects in the humanities and social sciences. 



Digital media in the German-language development of prospective student refugees

This project, funded by the Hessen State Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts (HMWK), examines how refugees can be supported by media while learning German as a second or foreign language. How can the utilization of digital media in class and outside of class improve the learning of German? How can the usage of smartphones help to overcome communicative challenges in university life and develop a baseline for lessons which are closer to the real-world experiences of students? What contributions do digital media have on the transition from language classes to university? This project analyses how digital media can support a successful educational experience, especially during the early semesters of university.


Research association 'Anti-democratic attitudes.' Challenges for education and socialisation.

In cooperation with the Department of Social and Cultural Studies, this interdisciplinary research association (2016-2020) analysed the emergence of anti-democratic attitudes and mindsets. The aim was to explore how anti-democratic attitudes evolve in the socialisation and education processes and how they can be approached within in these processes. In this research association, professors, research assistants, and PhD candidates from several departments of both the JLU and the University of Marburg collaborated and organised various events and academic conferences.