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Conflict Counselling

Conflict Counselling

At work,  people with different interests, goals, views and personalities encounter each other every day. In this field of tension, it is only natural that conflicts might arise. If these conflicts escalate, however, this can have negative consequences for the working environment and the employees‘ productivity as well as their health.

We support you

  • if you are not sure how to address a conflict;
  • when dealing with conflicts and finding solutions;
  • if you want personal feedback for upcoming conversations with a supervisor, an employee or a colleague;
  • etc. 

If you are looking for support, you can contact the Conflict Counselling Department of the Department of Human Resource Development at any time:

Dipl. Psych. (MSc equivalent) Dr. Daniela Harnacke, 0641-9912352,  We can have relieving conversations, look for potential solutions to your problem, mediate as well as transfer you to external support. You can contact us concerning conflicts between individuals or in a team, as an affected person or colleague and as an employee or superior as well.