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Career Planning

Science is a risky professional field in which permanent positions below the professorship are still rarely available. In addition to top scientific performance, a high degree of flexibility and mobility is required of postdocs. Due to a lack of time, there is often not enough time to deal with professional and private goals, with one's own competencies, but also with personal and systemic limits. In a compact workshop series, you will receive impulses to analyze your current situation and reflect on your own career goals and private values. After attending the workshop series, you will be familiar with instruments for purposeful self-reflection and will have an overview of suitable further offers at JLU.

Please note that the workshops will be conducted in German. Upon request, the workshops can also be held in English - either as a workshop if there are enough participants or as one-to-one career counseling sessions. Please email us if you are interested in an English language training. Contact:

In a compact workshop series led by Dr. Diana Hitzke, you will receive impulses to analyse your current situation and reflect on your own career goals and private values. After attending the workshop series, you will be familiar with tools for targeted self-reflection and will have an overview of the appropriate further education programmes at JLU.

Three compact workshops will take place on 16.05., 13.06. and 05.10.2023, each from 12-14 h:

Career Planning for Postdocs I: Standortbestimmung 

In order to be able to plan one's own career, it is first necessary to determine one's own position. The workshop will provide insights into central fields of activity and qualification for scientists. Which areas do you already cover well and where is it possible for you to develop further? You will get an overview of which competences you already have as a postdoc and how you can specifically name your skills and, if necessary, describe them attractively for other career paths. In addition, the question is what you actually want for your professional and private future and what you really enjoy doing.

Career Planning for Postdocs II: Karriereziel Professur 

In this workshop we will look at the career goal of a professorship. Where do I stand with regard to this goal and in which areas do I need to develop strategically? The next step is to address risks and challenges: Should I concentrate completely on Plan A or should I already be working on Plan B? Which paths lead to professorship and how do different career paths affect other life decisions? Finally, we take a look at the professorship application - what documents are necessary and where can I get support?

Career planning for postdocs III: Karrierewege jenseits der Academia

Are you just finishing your doctorate or have you already been working as a postdoc for a while and would like to apply to the non-university job market? Doctoral graduates are highly qualified and have very good chances on the job market. However, they face the difficulty of formulating their competences attractively for very specific professions. Where is their own expertise in demand outside the university? How do you make the transition? The workshop identifies the competences you already bring with you and gives impulses on how you can proactively shape the process towards new career paths.