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Leading Personnel


JLU’s leading personnel takes a central position within the organizational development as well as the human resources development. Regarding the development of their colleagues as well as the entire university, their leadership behavior is essential.

The description of leading personnel refers to all JLU employees who guide other people’s work. Among others, these are:

  • members of the university governing bodies,
  • deans,
  • executive managers of centers, institutes and central institutions,
  • professors,
  • leaders of working and junior groups,
  • executive managers,
  • departmental and subject area leaders,
  • project leaders, etc.,

and leading personnel in lateral contexts.

Offers for JLU’s leading personnel

The Department of HR Development wants to support all leading personnel members in coping with their managerial tasks by providing training as well as counselling offers that are adjusted to the specific circumstances of the university. 

  • Do you want to inform yourself about a managerial relevant topic in a compact manner? Do you want to have an ensuing discussion about it with experts and further leading personnel while having a small snack? Then we are happily inviting you to “Führungsimpulse”, an event for exchanging information for leading personnel at JLU.
  • Our current JLU-internal training program contains a multitude of trainings specifically concerning managerial issues at JLU in the section Führungskompetenz. Furthermore, you will be able to acquire the certificates Führungskompetenz and Führungsexpertise through partaking in our Leadership program.
  • From 2019 onward, JLU establishes annual performance reviews as an HR Development tool. On our page Annual Performance Reviews, you will find all necessary information and documents. 
  • We are happy to support you in designing and organizing in-house events in your field. At In-House Event Design and Organization, you will find all necessary information. 
  • As a leading employee, you are facing challenges that need to be mastered every day. In order to support you, we offer counselling. At Leading Personnel Counselling, you will find a range of topics and contact details concerning our counselling offers. 
  • Would you like to address and process a conflict? We are happy to support you. At Conflict Counselling, you will find further information and contact details.