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Changing the direct debit process in AHS to online direct debit

Fee-based courses in the General University Sports program (AHS) can now be paid for without paper using online direct debit.

Courses in the General University Sports program (AHS) are subject to a fee, and payment is made via a SEPA direct debit mandate. Until now, course participants had to print this out, sign it, and send it to AHS via mail. There, the SEPA mandates were manually sorted, managed, and kept in paper form until the end of the course.

BfD, with the help of Department D and Internal Audits, led the way in converting the process to a paperless online direct debit procedure. For course participants, printing and mailing is no longer necessary. For the administration, no longer needing to print direct debit mandates and store them has reduced their workload. The online procedure will start at the beginning of the booking period for sports courses on July 31, 2023.