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New Overview: All Web Forms of the Presidential Administration

Web-Formulare (Bild: Digital Transformation Office (BfD) is supporting the transition from paper forms to web forms. As a result, the number of available web forms is continuously increasing. Until now, however, there has only been a central overview of the paper forms, which usually have to be printed out and signed by hand. Now, a central overview page with all web forms is also available:

This list updates itself automatically each time it is called up. Unlike the paper versions, the web forms can be used conveniently while working remotely. JLU's efforts to increase sustainability are also accommodated by eliminating a large quantity of printouts.

If you have paper forms in your department that you would like to convert to web forms, BfD will be happy to assist you. Just take a look at our project page Web Forms Made Easy and contact us at BfD.