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Digital Day 2023

As part of the 4th nationwide Digital Day on June 16, 2023, JLU put together a diverse program that invited all JLU members and anyone interested in learning about the digital side of JLU. This Digital Transformation Office-coordinated, wide-ranging program offered numerous opportunities to experience the digital university both online and on site.

More than 30 different contributors presented 20 activities dealing with digital teaching, research, and administrative topics. Explanations of digital technologies tailored to target audiences, concrete assistance, practical tips and answers to questions about digital applications, and presentations of innovative projects were all part of what was offered. Current topics such as ChatGPT, research data management, and the deployment of new software possibilities were presented and discussed during Digital Day. Participants were invited to try out formats in the fields of virtual and extended reality, serious games, and eye tracking. Organizations opened their doors to present both digital and analog collections, as well as their digital research and teaching projects.

The diverse features on offer at JLU's Digital Day showed that the topic of digital transformation permeates all areas of the university and engages all target audiences. From basic competencies in dealing with digital solutions to innovative application scenarios, digital transformation at JLU is a decisive influence in everyday work and studies.

The idea for Digital Day originated in the challenges associated with involving all participants and attracting target audiences with tailored solutions. Throughout Germany, this day is about participating in and supporting digital transformation within society. With its program, JLU has also shown that it recognizes this challenge and continues to focus on this need for information and support by providing appropriate solutions via the Digital Transformation Office.

Compared with all of Hessen, JLU emerged with the most comprehensive program. In order to keep living up to this pioneering role, the university will continue developing formats that promote participation in digital transformation at JLU and thereby offer successful, innovative contributors a platform with which to share their experiences.

We would like to thank everyone who made this day so multifaceted and unique, and we are already looking forward to Digital Day 2024.

Participants: University Library, University Computer Center, HessenHub, NIDIT, LevelUp, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, Institute of Chemistry Education, The IT and Service Center of Faculty 02, JLU Collection of Classical Antiquities, Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Center for Teacher Education, UNIVERSUM, General University Sports, Teacher Education @nd Media (TE@M), and the Digital Transformation Office