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Research Division


Head of the Research Office

Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Martin Kramer

(Tel.: 99-12020)

  • Secretaries of the Research Office (StF)

Claudia Bonarius-Meidt

(Tel.: 99-12101),

Timothy D. Bostick

(Tel.: 99-12105)
in the afternoon


Jörg Fischer M.A.

(Tel.: 99-12111)

Research officers in StF:


Research officer

Dr. Gunther Gerlach

(Tel.: 99-12112)


Assistant research officer to StF2 - StF4

  • Central point of contact for federal research grants
  • Additional research activities and internal research grants
  • Administrative support for JLU postgraduate scholarships

Lydia Scott

(Tel.: 99-12118)


Research officer

Dr. Anett Illing

(Tel. : 99-12113)

Research officer

Andreas Schulte M.A., Dipl.-Journ.

(Tel. : 99-12114)

StF2 thru StF4
  • Research policy matters
  • National and international research funding
  • Research funding in R&D projects
  • Information service on research funding
  • Collaborative Research Centers, Research Training Groups, Research Units etc.
  • Research prizes
  • LOEWE (Hessian research grants)
  • Supporting early career researchers
  • Research reporting
  • Evaluations in the field of research
  • Research Sponsorship Fund
  • Marburg–Giessen Cooperation (MAGIC)
  • JLU research funding
  • Postdoctorate program JUST’US
  • Research grants for early career researchers
  • 'Science Day'
  • JLU web presence in the field 'research'
  • Research grants


Research officer

  • Current research information systems (CRIS)
  • Identifying and representing workflows and process definitions
  • Integrating heterogenous datasets
  • Customizing the core dataset
  • Customizing the infrastructure of research data
  • Quality management of project structures

Dr. Rebecca Hahn
(Tel. : 99-12104)

Lukas Butsch
(Tel. : 99-12072)



EU research officer

  • EU research funding

Dr. Christian Veldman

(Tel. : 99-12117)

(Tel.: 99-12017)


Research officer

  • Science Support Network
Dr. Livia Kaiser

(Tel.: 99-12115)