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Areas of Responsibility

The areas of responsibility within the Research Office (StF) and your points of contact



Head of the Research Office

Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Martin Kramer

(Tel.: 99-12020)

  • Secretaries of the Research Office (StF)

Claudia Bonarius-Meidt

(Tel.: 99-12101),

Timothy D. Bostick

(Tel.: 99-12105)
in the afternoon


Jörg Fischer M.A.

(Tel.: 99-12111)

Research officers in StF:


Research officer

Dr. Gunther Gerlach

(Tel.: 99-12112)


Assistant research officer to StF2 - StF4

  • Central point of contact for federal research grants
  • Additional research activities and internal research grants
  • Administrative support for JLU postgraduate scholarships

Lydia Scott

(Tel.: 99-12118)


Research officer

Dr. Anett Illing

(Tel. : 99-12113)

Research officer

Andreas Schulte M.A., Dipl.-Journ.

(Tel. : 99-12114)

StF2 thru StF4
  • Research policy matters
  • National and international research funding
  • Research funding in R&D projects
  • Information service on research funding
  • Collaborative Research Centers, Research Training Groups, Research Units etc.
  • Research prizes
  • LOEWE (Hessian research grants)
  • Supporting early career researchers
  • Research reporting
  • Evaluations in the field of research
  • Research Sponsorship Fund
  • Marburg–Giessen Cooperation (MAGIC)
  • JLU research funding
  • Postdoctorate program JUST’US
  • Research grants for early career researchers
  • 'Science Day'
  • JLU web presence in the field 'research'
  • Research grants




Research officer

  • Current research information systems (CRIS)
  • Identifying and representing workflows and process definitions
  • Integrating heterogenous datasets
  • Customizing the core dataset
  • Customizing the infrastructure of research data
  • Quality management of project structures

Dr. Rebecca Hahn
(Tel. : 99-12104)

Lukas Butsch
(Tel. : 99-12072)



EU research officer

  • EU research funding

Dr. Christian Veldman

(Tel. : 99-12117)

(Tel.: 99-12017)


Research officer

  • Science Support Network
Dr. Livia Kaiser

(Tel.: 99-12115)