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Perception Psychology

Pioneering work by psychologists in Giessen

Example of an optical illusion: Giessen researchers are looking into human perception. Photo:
At the Philosophikum Campus for the humanities, the innovative research field of Perception Psychology has attained an outstanding international reputation in the past few years. Funded by DFG, the EU and the Humboldt Foundation, Giessen researchers have been exemplary in their pioneering work with colleagues from Philipps-Universität Marburg – e.g. in the recently extended Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio “Cardinal Mechanisms of Perception”.

The Excellence Cluster “The Adaptive Mind” has been proposed for collaboration in an interdisciplinary research team from Psychology, Psychiatry, Sports Science, Physics and Informatics to investigate how decisions on stability and change are taken. The team wishes to examine changes in behavior, from simple perception processes to complex learning and thought processes, in a range from milliseconds to the whole lifespan.


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