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Research Sponsorship Fund

'Research Sponsorship Fund' of Justus Liebig University Giessen

The 'Research Sponsorship Fund' should primarily help start-up funding for large joint research projects that have the potential to lead to a third party funding project in a manageable time frame. The goal of the university sponsorship is to support the application for emphasized joint research projects from third party sponsors (e.g. CRCs, RUs, post-graduate programs, larger EU projects in the event JLU takes over the function of coordinator). 

Moreover, the proposed projects must have the potential to further develop the university's specific research profile. For this, the executive board uses the current future concept of the university and any ongoing developments to it (Future Concept 2012) as a guideline.

Applications for the 'Research Sponsorship Fund' can be made at any time.

Announcement for the Research Sponsorship Fund Announcement for the Research Sponsorship Fund