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LOEWE Center: Universities of Giessen and Marburg Lung Center (UGMLC)

Duration: starting January 1st, 2010

Prof. Dr. Werner Seeger
Center for Internal Medicine
Medicinal Clinic and Polyclinic II
Klinikstrasse 36
35392 Giessen

Telephone: 0641 985-42350/1
Fax: 0641 985-42359


Short Description:

In the "UGMLC - Universities of Giessen and Marburg Lung Center: Inflammatory and Hyperproliferative Diseases of the Lung and Respiratory Tract," in which the Philipps University Marburg and the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research (MPI) Bad Nauheim are also participating, the JLU has spearheaded the Project.  "Our goal is to become an internationally leading center in the area of lung and respiratory tract disease by grouping the experimental and clinical research in Giessen, Marburg, and Bad Nauheim together," said spokesman Prof. Dr. Werner Seeger (Giessen) about this ambitious goal. Other coordinators are Prof. Dr. Friedrich Grimminger (Giessen) and Prof. Dr. Harald Renz (Marburg).  Around 70 Scientists from the three locations are participating.  Furthermore, follow-up funding for the UGMLC will be supported by the Von Behring Röntgen Endowment.

In the UGMLC the scientific and clinical competences of the university medical schools of Giessen and Marburg and of the MPI Bad Nauheim are brought together and further developed in the areas of inflammatory diseases (pneumonia, acute and chronic lung failure, asthma bronchiale, chronic bronchitis) and hyperproliferative diseases (lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, changes in pulmonary vessels) of the lung and respiratory tract.  Deciphering the molecular signal paths underlying these disease groups and the multiple relationships to each other and to the signal patterns is the main focus of this scientific conception.  On this basis, new treatment concepts should be developed and examined in experimental and clinical studies.  The overarching goal is to combine basic research with disease- and patient-oriented research in order to develop improved diagnostic and therapeutic concepts with lung disease patients.


The lung research center UGMLC in Giessen was able to achieve its sustainability goals by acquiring a federally financed German Center for Lung Research after six years of LOEWE support and therefore no longer needs financing from the LOEWE programm starting in 2016.