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Speaker: Prof. Dr. Monika Wingender
Deputy speakers: Prof. Dr. Horst Carl
Prof. Dr. Peter Haslinger

Abstract for this area of potential

Since 2009, JLU has been researching notions and concepts of security in both historical and contemporary political constellations, especially in Eastern Europe. Collaboration with the Herder Institute and also broadly based external funding (SFB/TRR 138—Dynamics of Security) enabled the field to gain international visibility. Moreover, new forms of East–West academic communication, for example, are constantly transferring findings to society (transfer project Science in a Common Europe in the LOEWE priority Regions of Conflict in Eastern Europe).

Disciplines involved

History, Eastern European history, Slavic studies, Turkish studies, German studies, English studies, law / international law, sociology, political science, political theory

External cooperation partners




Structures and programs to develop early career researchers

  • Giessen Graduate Center for Humanities / International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GGK/GCSC)
  • Giessen Graduate Center for Social Sciences, Business, Economics, and Law (GGS)
  • Postdoc Career and Mentoring Office (PCMO)
  • Integrated Graduate School (IGK) in CRC/TRR 138, Dynamics of Security. Forms of Securitization in a Historical Perspective
  • Postdoctoral and doctoral funding including a mentoring system in the LOEWE priority Regions of Conflict in Eastern Europe
  • M.A. Interdisciplinary Studies on Eastern Europe

Main scientific achievements since 2018

Structure-forming elements

  • 2020: successful re-evaluations / continued funding of the institute CAPAZ as a center of excellence in research and teaching (DAAD)
  • 2019: Continuation of the International Graduate Center for the Study of Culture (GCSC) after 14 years of funding under the Excellence Initiative


External funding / awards



  • 2019: Carl, H.; Babel, R.; Kampmann, C. (Hrsg.): „Sicherheitsprobleme im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert—Bedrohungen, Konzepte, Ambivalenzen/Problèmes de sécurité au XVIe et XVIIe siècles—menaces, concepts, ambivalences.“ Baden-Baden 2019.