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07/12/2022 | NIDIT Retreat

  NIDIT | Retreat

At the beginning of November, the staff members of all three locations of our project met for a two-day retreat to reflect together on the first year of the NIDIT project and what has been achieved, as well as to focus on future milestones and their collaborative design. The agenda included not only further programme planning, but also the Teaching Futures Day 2023 and, last but not least, the cooperation with the Hochschuldidaktisches Netzwerk Mittelhessen (HDM) and other possible network partners. Now we are looking forward to developing the ideas that have emerged and putting them into practice in the following months.

We would especially like to thank the Vice-Presidents Prof. Dr. Katharina Lorenz (JLU), Prof. Dr. Kati Hannken-Illjes (UMR) and Prof. Dr. Katja Specht (THM) for their participation in the retreat. We would also like to thank the "Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre" for this opportunity to expand the project and for the financial support. Finally, a big thank you goes to Ms. Judith Eble, who as an external moderator was able to continuously provide valuable new impulses for our exchange over the two days.