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21/02/2023 | Basic workshops for Unity and Blender

  Basic workshops for Unity and Blender

Together with Multimedia Kontor Hamburg, the NIDIT Lab for Innovative Teaching in Giessen offers events lasting several days on the free applications Blender and Unity. With the help of these programmes, it is possible to create your own 3D scenarios, objects or entire applications and use them for your own (teaching) practice. Independently of these dates, you can find ideas for using virtual reality, augmented reality and hybrid teaching for your own teaching and try out these technologies in practice at the Labs for Innovative Teaching in Gießen and Marburg.

The introduction to the many possibilities of Blender will already take place in March (09. & 16.03.) and there are only a few remaining places available. You can see the event details here: Introductory workshop Blender 3D

The Unity workshop in May can also be attended without attending the Blender workshop. You can find the relevant information and registration options here: Introductory workshop Unity 3D

 Bild von  PIRO4D / pixabay