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14/10/2022 | Basic didactic principles and Teaching Methods for IPP Members/IPP Workshop Series

In the framework of a cooperation between the project Network for Impactful Digital Teaching Skills (NIDIT) and the International Doctoral Program (IPP) "Literary and Cultural Studies", NIDIT lecturers Inês Gamelas and Richard Vargas (International Training Team) will host the workshop “Basic Didactic Principles and Teaching Methods” for IPP members.

This workshop is a preparatory session for participants of the IPP workshop series. It discusses teaching methods and approaches, as well as the implementation of interactive teaching and learning tools that IPP participants can use to conduct their own workshops. It also seeks to expand the teaching competencies of participants to prepare them to meet potential challenges when lecturing in diverse formats.

Registration: To enroll, please write an email to Inês Gamelas or to Richard Vargas

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