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Gender-sensitive recommendations for the final report of the Truth Clarification Commission in Colombia

The project is designed to continue the monitoring and feedback on gender mainstreaming in the Commission for the Clarification of Truth, Coexistence and Non-Repetition (CEV) in the Caribbean region. This mainstreaming began with a project coordinated Universidad de los Andes in 2018 and was subsequently strengthened with a grant from CAPAZ in 2019. The project implemented with the CAPAZ grant focused on Montes de María, a sub-region of the Colombian Caribbean.

It is also intended to contribute specialised knowledge based on which to draft recommendations to be included in the Commission's final report that guarantee the non-repetition of violence against women from an intersectional approach. This must also include the creation of a roadmap to ensure that these recommendations are implemented and enforceable.

By analysing recommendations from other Truth Commissions and their level of implementation, and formulating recommendations to the final report of the Truth Commission in Colombia, the policy paper will provide an understanding of the specific affectations that women have experienced in the Colombian armed conflict and the particularities involved in the process of non-repetition.



  • Diana Marcela Gómez Correal, project coordinator. Assistant Professor at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Development Studies at Universidad de los Andes. Colombia.
  • Juliana González Villamizar, science collaborator for CAPAZ and doctoral student at JLU  Giessen.
  • Rosario Figari Layús Post-doctoral researcher at the Chair of Peace Studies at JLU Giessen.
  • Auris Murillo, project researcher. Red de Mujeres del Caribe.
  • Celenis Rodríguez, project researcher.