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Are you interested in an introduction to working with corpus analysis tools (like Antconc or WordSmith Tools) or do you need help concerning quantitative research and basic statistics? - Join us for one of our tutorials!

About the tutorials

The corpus-linguistic tutorials are free of charge and provide practical introductions to working with corpus-linguistic software tools such as AntConc or WordSmith Tools, and to basic statistical methods useful for quantitative linguistics.

  • time: usually 2x 90 minutes
  • registration: via Stud.IP (limited to 25 participants each)
  • place: B005
  • for more information, please see Stud.IP (you can search for the tutorials by name) or the announcements on the 4th floor

The aim of the tutorials is to serve as a starting point for work with corpus-linguistic software tools: you will get to know all their basic functionalities, apply what you've learned in exercises and have the chance to experiment with the software. However, it is not possible to discuss every last detail (after all, there is only so much that can be covered in a 4-hour workshop). But don't worry: the tutorial will also supply you with many helpful tips and tricks and direct you to further resources that you can use to continue working on your own. In addition, you can of course visit the corpus-linguistic office hours for technical support.


Upcoming Tutorials

Corpus Linguistics with AntConc

Corpus Linguistics with WordSmith Tools

Dealing with Quantitative Data in Linguistics

digital Stud.IP-class

digital Stud.IP-class