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Application Procedure

If you wish to apply for one of the English Department's scholarships, you will need to submit a formal application to our office.
Application Procedure

SAVE THE DATE: Digital info-session for outgoing students 22/23
on November 3rd, 2021, 12:00. Click here for more information.

How to apply for a semester abroad with the Study Abroad Office

  1. Read our brochure. It contains valuable information on our scholarship and exchange programmes, further opportunities to go abroad (freemover, programmes administrated by the International Office, etc.), organisational matters pertaining to your stay abroad, credit transfer and recognition, worksheets to help you gain claritiy about your priorities etc. Much of this can also be found on this website.

  2. Attend our (digital) info session. If you need further advice, feel free to make an appointment for our digital office hours.

  3. Read up on the different possible host universities and compile your list of priorities. Make sure to include more than just one or two universities as this increases your chance of snagging one of the English department's scholarships.

  4. Submit your complete application by the deadline given for your academic year. Check the Documents to be submitted section to see what you need to hand in as well as the Selection criteria to understand the basis of our review process. Note: You need only submit one application to our office for the ERASMUS+, overseas and ISAP programmes. You can list as many universities as you like from all three programmes in one data sheet, do not fill in the student data sheet several times!

  5. Wait while we review all applications.

  6. In case we can offer you a place: Let us know whether you accept it.

  7. In case we unfortunately cannot offer you a place: Wait if there is a second round of applications.

  8. After successful application, we nominate you at your host university.

  9. After that, you need to apply at your host university. Carefully check deadlines and requirements (language, financial, visa, vaccinations etc.)

  10. Make all the necessary arrangements.

  11. Enjoy your semester abroad

PLEASE APPLY BY November 26th, 2021 FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2022/23.

Documents to be submitted

  • the online application (Not accessible before November)
  • student data sheet
  • CV (in either English or German)
  • reference written by a Giessen lecturer recommending you for study abroad. Note: The reference should be forwarded to us directly by the lecturer.
  • FlexNow Print off, please highlight the following grades
  • personal letter of motivation (to be written in English, around 400 words; this should explain
    • your choice of university and general motivation to go abroad,
    • your preparation for your study stay abroad,
    • your study goals abroad,
    • any prior voluntary work in initiatives such as the Study Buddy Programme / international experience / intercultural competence)


Because of the corona situation: please send your application as ONE pdf to
Please label your pdf  „application_name_firstname" (e.g. application_schneider_britta)
Additionally, please hand in your printed application (either per post or put it into the inbox outside our door).

Selection criteria for our scholarships are

  • your academic achievements (this will depend on your degree course, see the separate sheet "grades"),
  • the reference and
  • your personal letter of motivation.

Please note that you will only need to submit one application to our office for the ERASMUS+, overseas and ISAP programmes. You can list as many universities as you like from all three programmes in one data sheet, do not fill in the student data sheet several times!