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AG Dr. Gatti

Welcome to the website of Gatti Research Group

In our group, the production and physico-chemical characterization of functional composite materials targeting different optoelectronic applications is investigated. While the research activity focuses on materials preparation and is therefore based on a general chemistry/materials science knowledge, a highly interdisciplinary vision is required to tackle with the materials functional requirements. Compositional engineering is adapted depending on the specific goal. Polymers, both standard and semiconducting ones, are generally chosen as the host-matrix for their ease of processing in the form of thin-films and/or electrospun nanofibers. Their native properties are enriched through blending with carbon nanomaterials and/or inorganic/hybrid nanoparticles. Covalent or non-covalent functionalization of the fillers is envisaged from time to time, when either scarce compatibility with the matrix is found or defects healing is required. Tests of the produced materials in real devices are carried out relying on external collaborations.

Dr. Teresa Gatti
Center for Materials Research (LaMa)
Institute of Physical Chemistry
Justus Liebig University Giessen
Heinrich-Buff-Ring 17
35392 Giessen
Tel.: +49 641 99 34592