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Dr. Torsten Hauffe

Torsten Hauffe, Postdoctoral researcher
Department of Animal Ecology & Systematics
Justus Liebig University
Heinrich-Buff-Ring 26-32 IFZ
D-35392 Giessen
Phone: +49 (0) 641 99-35733
Fax: +49 (0) 641 99-35709

Fields of interest/focus of work

  • Distribution of freshwater molluscs in ancient Lake Ohrid
  • Morphometrical analyses
  • Collection and data management

Scientific career

  • 2001-2009: Undergraduate student at Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany
  • 2009: Diploma (MSc) in Biology at Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany
  • since 2009: Ph.D. student at the Department of Animal Ecology and Systematics, Justus Liebig University Giessen
  • 2019: Ph.D. Thesis: "Processes of eco-evolutionary metacommunity assembly in insular ecosystems with special emphasis on ancient Lake Ohrid"


Peer-reviewed articles

  • Miller, J.P.; Ramos, M.A., Hauffe, T. & Delicado, D. (2018): Global species richness of hydrobiid snails determined by climate and evolutionary history. Freshwater Biology, 63, 1225-1239.
  • Delicado, D.; Hauffe, T. & Wilke, T. (2018): Ecological opportunity may facilitate diversification in Palearctic freshwater organisms: a case study on hydrobiid gastropods. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 18, 55.
  • Kirchhoff, K.N.; Hauffe, T.; Stelbrink, B.; Albrecht, C. & Wilke, T. (2017): Evolutionary bottlenecks in brackish water habitats drive the colonization of fresh water by stingrays. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 30, 1576-1591.
  • Wembo Ndeo, O.; Hauffe, T.; Delicado, D.; Kankonda Busanga, A. & Albrecht, C. (2017): Mollusk communities of the central Congo River shaped by combined effects of barriers, environmental gradients, and species dispersal. Journal of Limnology, 76.
  • Wagner, B.; Wilke, T.; Francke, A.; Albrecht, C.; Baumgarten, H.; Bertini, A.; Combourieu-Nebout, N.; Cvetkoska, A.; D’Addabbo, M.; Donders, T.H.; Föller, K.; Giaccio, B.; Grazhdani, A.; Hauffe, T.; Holtvoeth, J.; Joannin, S.; Jovanovska, E.; Just, J.; Kouli, K.; Koutsodendris, A.; Krastel, S.; Lacey, J. H.; Leicher, N.; Leng, M. J.; Levkov, Z.; Lindhorst, K.; Masi, A.; Mercuri, A.M.; Nomade, S.; Nowaczyk, N.; Panagiotopoulos, K.; Peyron, O.; Reed, J.M.; Regattieri, E.; Sadori, L.; Sagnotti, L.; Stelbrink, B.; Sulpizio, R.; Tofilovska, S.; Torri, P.; Vogel, H.; Wagner, T.; Wagner-Cremer, F.; Wolff, G.A.; Wonik, T.; Zanchetta, G. & Zhang, X.S. (2017): The environmental and evolutionary history of Lake Ohrid (FYROM/Albania): interim results from the SCOPSCO deep drilling project. Biogeosciences, 14, 2033-2054.
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  • Schubert, P.; Vogt, L.; Eder, K.; Hauffe, T. & Wilke, T. (2016): Effects of feed species and HUFA composition on survival and growth of the longsnout seahorse (Hippocampus reidi). Frontiers in Marine Science, 3, 53.
  • Hauffe, T.; Albrecht, C. & Wilke, T. (2016): Assembly processes of gastropod community change with horizontal and vertical zonation in ancient Lake Ohrid: a metacommunity speciation perspective. Biogeosciences, 13, 2901-2911.
  • Jovanovska, E.; Cvetkoska, A.; Hauffe, T.; Levkov, Z.; Wagner, B.; Sulpizio, R.; Francke, A.; Albrecht, C. & Wilke, T. (2016): Differential resilience of ancient sister lakes Ohrid and Prespa to environmental disturbances during the Late Pleistocene. Biogeosciences, 13, 1149-1161.
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Conference contributions

  • Hauffe, T.; Föller, K.; Albrecht, C. & Wilke, T. (2012): The Role of Niche-Based vs. Neutral Processes in Shaping Gastropod Communities in Ancient Lake Ohrid. SIAL VI, Bogor (Indonesia), 13.
  • Hauffe, T.; Schreiber, K.; Albrecht, C. & Wilke, T. (2011): Understanding the interplay of past environmental settings and biotic evolution – biodiversity of ancient Lake Ohrid. IODP/ICDP Kolloquium, Münster (Germany), 73.
  • Schreiber, K.; Hauffe, T.; Albrecht, C. & Wilke, T. (2011): Do major evolutionary events in ancient Lake Ohrid indicate its origin? IODP/ICDP Kolloquium, Münster (Germany), 154.
  • Schreiber, K.; Albrecht, C.; Hauffe, T. & Wilke, T. (2010): Speciation Processes in Pyrgulinid Gastropods of Ancient Lake Ohrid (Macedonia: Albania). World Congress of Malacology, Phuket (Thailand), 315.
  • Hauffe, T.; Albrecht, C.; Schreiber, K. & Wilke, T. (2010): Spatial Modelling of Faunal Turnover of Gastropod Composition Reveals Vertical and Horizontal Zones Within the Watershed of Ancient Lake Ohrid. World Congress of Malacology, Phuket (Thailand), 287.
  • Sereda, S.V., Albrecht, C., Gabrielyan, B., Hauffe, T. & Wilke. T. (2009): Was there an ancient lake in the Arax Valley (Armenia)? - Evidence from a phylogeographical analysis of Theodoxus spp. (Gastropoda: Neritidae). SIAL V, Ohrid (Macedonia), 103. Abstract (PDF)
  • Hauffe, T.; Schreiber, K.; Wilke, T. & Albrecht, C. (2009): Gastropod diversity and endemism in the Balkan Prespa and Mikri Prespa lakes. SIAL V, Ohrid (Macedonia), 36-37. Abstract (PDF)
  • Hauffe, T.; Albrecht, C.; Schreiber, K. & Wilke, T. (2009): Gastropod Diversity and distribution in Ancient Lake Ohrid. SIAL V, Ohrid (Macedonia), 35-36. Abstract (PDF)
  • Albrecht, C.; Schreiber, K.; Hauffe, T. & Wilke, T. (2009): Tracking biological invasions into ancient lakes: Physa acuta (Gastropoda: Hygrophila) on the Balkans. SIAL V, Ohrid (Macedonia), 8-9. Abstract (PDF)

Teaching experience

  • Supervision of undergraduate and graduate students in courses at Giessen University