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Sonja Geiger Dr.



Research priorities

  • Psychological behavioural models of sustainable consumption behaviors
  • Health aspects of sustainable lifestyles: mindfulness, health behaviour and well-being
  • Subjective time perception and sustainability: time pressure and present-centeredness
  • Measurement of complex latent constructs (e.g., consumption behaviour, environmental awareness)
  • Participatory research design (e.g. co-design practices, online communities, citizen science)



Functions & Memberships

  • Assigned member of the Climate Task Force of the German Society for Psychology (2020)
  • Full member of the German Society for Psychology (DGPs) Section Environmental psychology
  • Member of the Initiative of Psychologists for Environmental Protection (IPU)


BP 136  Consumer Behavior
BP 137  People-Planet Interactions

MP 172  Nutrition and Health Behavior Change
MP 174  Healthy People - Healthy Planet

Vita data

CV (Stand Februar 2021)


  • The Role of the Individual in the Great Transformation Toward Sustainability Research Topic in Frontiers of Psychology: Environmental Psychology Section.
    Full article collection:

Selected publications


  • Spangenberger, P., Geiger, S. M., & Freytag, S.-C. (2022). Becoming nature: effets of embodying a tree in immersive virtual reality on nature relatedness. Scientific Reports, 12(1).


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  • Frick, V; Gossen, M; Santarius, T, & Geiger, S.M. (2021). When your shop says #lessismore. A field and laboratory intervention on online communication for clothing sufficiency. Journal of Environmental Psychology. doi:10.1016/j.jenvp.2021.101595


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