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Fig. E6. Potential time course of effects of azithromycin in infectious bacterial and chronic inflammatory diseases 3.
Figure D5. RNAi in Aedes aegypti. Species-specifically acting dsRNAs can either be applied via spraying against adult mosquitoes (A, B), or via formulations suitable for applying directly to the breeding sites (C,D).
Projekt C3 Abbildung
Fig A4. Crystal structure of the chaperone IpgC in complex with a peptide derived from its substrate IpaB.4
Kempf Grafik
Abb. C4a. Domain organization of BadA homologs. B. bacilliformis harbors three Brp genes that show high homologies to BadA of B. henselae.
Fig. B4.2. Confocal laser scanning microscopy of the gastrodermis (arrows) of adult S. mansoni before (left) and after (right) imatinib treatment.
Grafik Ziebuhr
Grafik Taubert
Fig. D4: Metabolism of C. parvum-infected host cells
Grafik Friebertshaeuser
Fig. D1: Crystal structure of inhibitor MI-1148 in complex with furin.
Fig. E4a. Optical image of a cross section of paired S. Mansoni b. Mass spectrometric distribution image of various chemical compounds. The red-colored molecule is characteristic of the female animal.
E3 Grafik
Fig. E3: Crystal structure of thioredoxin reductase in complex with its physiological substrate thioredoxin 1.
Fig. E1: Novel active compounds and drug candidates derived from DRUID projects will be tested for anti-helminthic broad-spectrum efficacy with the aid of in vitro test systems of national and international cooperation partners.
E1 Abbildung deutsch fuer Website
Fig. B1: Crystal structure of NS3/NS2B protease of the dengue virus 3 in complex with a covalent inhibitor.
Fig. D3. Autophagy compartments (green) in a human macrophage laden with apoptotic Leishmaniae (red).
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Fig. E2: Extracellular vesicles as communicators during infection. Extracellular vesicles can function during infection by parasites and viruses, transmitting signals between the parasite/virus and host cells.
Fig. B5. Structure of substance Schl-32.329 and its effect on Schistosoma mansoni.
B2 Ziebuhr
B1 Diederich Kolb
DRUID Bindereif Preusser deutsch
A6 Kathrin Buchholz
A5 Klebe Heine
A1 Stefan Becker
3D Structure of Ebola virus VP40 Octamers in complex with a trinucleotide. Gomis Ruth et al., 2003
B3 Grafik compound
Abb. B3. HTS and follow-up of Inhibitors of PfGluPho.
Projektbild Grevelding
Fig. B4.1. Light microscopy of a S. mansoni couple cultured in vitro. During the continuous pairing contact, the female (arrow) locates within the male’s ventral groove, which is a prerequisite for egg production (stars).
Fig. C1. Immunofluorescence microscopy of different ZIKV-infected cell lines.
Fig. C2: Domain organization of BadA homologs. B. bacilliformis harbors three Brp genes that show high homologies to BadA of B. henselae.