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Additional Modules

During their studies, students may take examinations in modules more than those required. The results of those additional modules are not counted towards the creditpoints and are not included in the calculation of the overall grade relating to the degree. Addtional modules can be modules of Faculty 09 or modules that have been recognised by the examination board, which correspond to the scope of the Special Regulations.

Attendance in modules of Faculty 09 as additional modules is possible, if seats are available. Availability can be checked in Stud.IP or by contacting the module coordinator.

If you want to attend modules as additional modules, you have to register directly in Stud.IP. These modules shall not be listed in your profile module plan.

The successful completion of additional modules is shown in an additional certificate.

Registration for Module Examinations as Additonal Modules

Please use this form for registration: Registration form Additional Modules (pdf.)

The form has to be submitted within the respective deadlines to the examination office.

Certificate documents

During Corona Pandemic, certificates are not handed out personally, but sent by registered mail (free of charge for every student of our faculty). Therefore please inform us of your current address using the application form.

Please note, that preparation and dispatch of the documents can take up to four weeks.

Application for certificate Master of Science
(Agrobiotechnology, Insect Biotechnology and Bioresources, Sustainable Transition, Transition Management)

Change of Study Programme

If you plan to change from one English-language Master's programme to another within the faculty 09 or intend a double degree, you have to inform the examination office beforehand.

This is necessary

>> for the recognition of modules and semesters of studies*

>> because your FlexNow Data has to be updated with the dates of your new study programme after immatriculation.

Please inform the examination office about the change of your study programme / your double degree by email

The following information must be included in your email: name, immatriculation number, previous study programme, new study programme, the semester of application to the new study programme and the modules which shall be recognised.

Attention: The procedure of recognition is NOT a guarantee for a study place and does NOT replace the application for a study place. Please pay attention to the information on the application procedure for international students click here  

*Recognition of academic achievements and semesters of study:

If modules and semesters of study shall be recognised (application for a higher semester of study) the examination office has to be informed four weeks before the application deadline at the latest. Only then, the letter of recognition can be issued in time.

These modules will be accepted:

  • all identical core modules
  • at maximum four core modules of another master study programme of the faculty 09
  • all profile modules

A total of four modules with 6 CPs each are required for the recognition of one semester of study. The number of recognised semesters of study defines the assignment to a semster of study in the new study programme.

Please note: the final semester classification is determined by the Registrar's Office.

>> If a sufficient number of academic achievements has been accepted, you will receive a letter of recognition indicating the classification into a higher semester of study. This letter has to be submitted along with the application documents for a higher semester of study. Please ask in the Registrar's Office for the deadline to hand in the letter of recognition later if it is not available when you apply for the study place. 

>> After immatriculation for the new study programme, please contact the examination office and present your enrolment receipt and the letter of recognition so that your FlewNow data will be updated.


The study coordinators of the faculty 09 offer advice regarding a change of the study programme.

Courses of other Faculties at JLU

Are you interested in attending a course/module of another faculty at JLU?

Please proceed as follows:

  1. Clarify with the examination office whether the course/module can be recognized before! participation. For this you have to send the module description by email to the examination office.
  2. For information about module participation and exam participation you have to contact the lecturer in charge.
  3. After successful completion please submit the graded certificate to the examination office.

E-mail correspondence

Please note that the use of the university email address is obligatory for every student of our faculty. Don't forget to identify yourself in every email with your student identification number and your course of study. For data protection reasons the examinations office will only respond to your university email address, if you are a student at the JLU. Therefore it is recommended to check your university email account regularly.

Examination: Registration and Deregistration

All modules are completed with a final examination. Each semester has three examination periods. These are scheduled for the end of the lecture period (1st examination period), for the end of the semester break (2nd examination period) and take place during the following semester (3rd examination period). The exact dates of examination periods are defined by the examination committee each semester and are published on the website in the document Deadlines.

Registration for Examinations

In order to be entitled to take part in an examination you have to be registered for it. You can decide for each examination whether to take it during the first or second examination period. In any case you have to make sure that you are registered for the examination as otherwise the achieved grade will not count. Before the examination takes place the lecturers receive a list of all registered students, which will be checked before starting the examination.

Each examination period has its own registration period, within which you can register in FlexNow. The 3rd examination period is only intended for re- and repeat examinations. You cannot register yourself for this examination period.

Please recheck your data in FlexNow after having performed a registration and verify that you are registered for the correct module examination. Furthermore, please keep the confirmation mail, which you will receive in you university e-mail account, carefully for further questions.


During the registration period you can also deregister from an examination in FlexNow without giving reasons if it is an initial examination. In case you are registered for an examination and you do not take the examination it will be deemed failed.

Below you find a step-by- step guide on FlexNow illustrated with screen shots.

>> FlexNow Guide (.pdf)

>> direct link to FlexNow

Examination Committee and Regulations

The regulations for module examinations and doctoral studies of the faculty 09 are defined by the respective Specific Regulations. The responsible committee ensures compliance with the regulations and decides on cases which are not defined by the regulations.

Examination Committee

Head of the examination committee: Prof. Dr. Martin Petrick

Responsibilities and tasks of the examination committee:

  • Organization of the Bachelor and Master examinations
  • The committee ensures adherence to the examination regulations
  • Decision on matters which are not defined by the examination regulations

Examination Regulations

You find the current examination regulations on "Mitteilungen der Universität Gießen (MUG)":

The General Regulations apply to all study programmes of the university. They define how the final grades are correctly calculated. Certificates are created by a software of the university observing the general regulations.

The faculty 09 provides an English version of the regulations. The English translation serves solely for purposes of information. The German language version of the examination regulations is the legally binding version.

In case of illness

If you cannot attend an examination for reasons beyond your control (e.g. illness), your absence shall be excused upon submission of a corresponding proof. In case of illness you have to hand in a doctor’s certificate, which has to be received by the examination office within 3 working days after the examination’s date. Please hand in the certificate together with the Beiblatt zum ärztlichen Attest / Supplement Sheet to a Medical Certificate. If the certificate is accepted, the examination will not count as failed, but has to be repeated during the next possible examination period. This registration is effected automatically.

>> Supplement Sheet to a Medical Certificate (.pdf)

Recognition of academic achievements

Applications for recognition may be submitted for academic achievements and completed modules if they are equivalent to a module in a degree course of the faculty 09

Application Documents

The follwing documents have to be completely submitted to the examination office.

  • Form (.pdf)
  • Module description in German or English language (not a complete module catalogue but only the description of the respective module in the orginal - no self-created descriptions !)
  • a certified copy of the achievement record showing the CPs and grades in  German or English language
Please hand in the documents printed on one side and unstapled to the examination office of the faculty 09 (Bismarckstraße 24, 35390 Gießen). Please make sure that your application documents are complete. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Information for University Applicants

  • Application for a higher semester of study: one semester of study will be recognized for four (4) modules with 6 CP each. Applications for a higher semester of study including all documents for recognition have to be submitted at least four weeks before the application deadline of the study programme. It is inevitable to calculate enough time ahead for the recognition procedure. As the processing time for the application recognition of international students is considerably longer, they have to hand in their applications eight weeks before the application deadline of the study programme.
  • Letter of recognition
    Following the assessment you will receive a letter of recognition. If semesters of study are recognised, they will be indicated in this letter.
  • Recognition of semesters of study
    If a semester of study is recognised, you may apply for enrolment into a higher semester of study. For this purpose, please present the letter of recognition to the Registrar's Office or enclose the letter to your study place application. Please ask in the Registrar' Office for the deadline to hand in the letter of recognition later if it is not available when you apply for the study place.
    Please note: the final semester classification is determined by the Registrar's Office.
  • Entry of recognised modules into FlexNow
    The recognised modules will be entered into FlexNow as soon as you have presented the enrolment receipt of your degree programme to the examination offfice.

Attention: The recognition of modules or even semesters of study is NOT a guarantee for a study place and does NOT replace a study place application. Please pay attention to the information on the application procedure for international students click here

Information for Students of the Faculty 09

  • Applications for the recognition of academic achievements may also be submitted if you are already immatriculated. In this case, recognised modules will be immediately entered into FlewNow without further notice.
  • Information on the possibilites to change the study programme within the faculty 09 is given here 
  • For modules of other faculties please take into consideration the following information: Courses of other faculties at JLU